Former Gladiators and the UK's leading fitness couple Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon have been together for 14 years and it's fair to say both their CV's are pretty impressive. The competitive duo met through Bobsleigh but the pair didn't exactly hit it off straight away. Finally getting together when Jenny moved to London, the couple decided to combine their talents and start their own fitness business, aptly named 'Pace and Go'. Since Gladiators, Jenny and Wayne have both continued their acting careers, notably Jenny in Wonder Woman and Wayne in Skyfall as well as being sought after cast and celebrity trainers. The list of talents is endless with this duo but without a doubt, their most remarkable quality is their infectious positivity and their incredible mindset. Join us tomorrow where we talk to Jenny and Wayne, also known as Enigma and Doom, about their impressive careers and how they eliminate fear from their way of thinking.  

JENNY PACEY AND WAYNE GORDON PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Wayne’s diverse background (5:51) Jenny’s upbringing and athletics (11:10) Getting together (23:41) Gladiators (28:35) Joining the army and resilient mindset (42:14) Keeping the door open (52:39) Pace and Go (1:03:32) Daily routine (1:14:22) Wonder Woman (1:21:33) What’s next (1:30:45)  

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