Ryan Scollan is Co-Founder and CEO of GScience, a company bringing health and performance to the gaming and esports industry. Recognising the serious issue of burnout at an early age for many competitive esport participants, Ryan and his team have dug into the data to understand the cognitive stress and mental workload that is placed upon young and often still developing minds, that have little to no guidance around health, wellness and the nutrition needed to fuel recovery. Some of the data is pretty shocking and as our children grow up with gaming now completely normalised within the culture, it's an area we should be all taking note of. Parents of budding gamers take note. Ryan and his GScience team now focus on educating and supporting esports participants, teams and coaches on how to recover better and manage health and wellness throughout the important formative years.  

RYAN SCOLLAN PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Esports and the gaming industry (1:46) GScience (5:01) Health crisis: the darker side to gaming (8:37) Cognitive performers (16:48) Teams/organisations and Optimal (21:27) What makes a good gamer (33:17) Toxicity of gaming and social media (36:48) Parents (43:15) Research project (49:45) The future for GScience, gaming and esports (52:20)  

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