Tommy Coyle is an icon amongst British boxing fans and aficionados. An uncompromising personality, he brought the passion with which he lived his life, directly into the ring, showing his vulnerabilities as well as his fierce front foot style and willingness to stand toe to toe with some of the best. Always a fan favourite and a legend in his home city of Hull, Tommy brings intensity wherever he goes. Struggling with retirement, Tommy returned to what he knew best, hard work, to drag himself out of the post-retirement slump he found himself in. Now he is embarking on career number two as a wellness coach and movement optimist. We at HMN24 wouldn't bet against him making an equal success out of the next stage of his life.

TOMMY COYLE PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Upbringing and winning mentality (5:05) Paternal influence (7:55) Community work (17:25) Falling in love with boxing (23:40) Insecurities and friendships (32:08) Retiring and vision problems (35:27) Daily routine and looking the part (43:33) TC60 (47:00) Functional training (51:46) Tommy’s book (57:13)

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