Born with a genetic condition that affects the respiratory and digestive system known as cystic fibrosis (CF), Ben Mudge had no option B when it came to how he lives his life. Hospitalised at 18 years old with his lung function down to 66% Ben took matters into his own hands after doctors were admittedly 'shooting in the dark'. Through good sleep, nutrition and countless hours on the treadmill, Ben realised the full potential of looking after himself and got his lung function back to 100%. Ditching his career in the film industry to pursue personal training, Ben never set out to become a role model, simply with the goal to give hope to people with CF. Now, a part-time superhero for children with CF, Ben has built a hugely successful personal training business where he continues to enrich people's mental and physical well-being. Join us on the Live on Form Podcast to hear Ben's incredible story.  

BEN MUDGE PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Growing up & cystic fibrosis (1:56) School and siblings (10:24) Lung function and catalyst for change (16:55) Parental influence (31:38) Working in the film industry (36:36) No option B (44:47) Giving people hope (54:24) Superheroes and Thor (1:02:30) AMB Programme and future plans (1:13:00) Sleep and protein (1:22:00)  

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