Creative artist Scott Greenwood captures music and cultural icons with the mastery of someone with more years on the clock than he has. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember, nurturing a passion that began as a young kid growing up in Manchester. Armed with an entrepreneurial mindset since being young, Scott had already set up a successful urban footwear business before starting to create and develop large scale artwork. Through a single-minded approach and many late nights, Scott has built a big loyal following and a portfolio of clients from well-known companies to A-list celebrities including Bugzy Malone, Umar Kamani, James Maddison and Russ. He joins us on the Live on Form Podcast to talk about how his business started, creativity, his favourite client reactions to his work and his future plans to hold his first exhibition.

SCOTT GREENWOOD PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Background: how he started (1:31) Structure and passion for football (7:10) Daily routine (10:10) Single-minded purpose (17:57) Clothing company (21:11) Favourite piece and client reactions (27:37) Future goals and drivers (35:57) Proving people wrong (39:40) Nutrition (43:22) First exhibition (46:33)

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March 29, 2021