Dr. Kalman has been involved in over 100 clinical trials and projects within the pharmaceutical, medical and nutrition fields. He has published over 50 abstracts and more than 25 peer-reviewed manuscripts. He is also a Co-Editor of one journal (JISSN) and on the Editorial Board of three Scientific Journals. He joins us on the Live On Form Podcast to talk human performance, nutrition and supplementation and brings his enormous wealth of knowledge to the table.  

DOUGLAS KALMAN PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Background and combat sports (3:25) Upbringing and curiosity (6:38) Caffeine; the world's favourite drug (12:34) Carbohydrates (16:14) Post-workout nutrition (21:45) Hydration and mental acuity (26:01) Nootropics (37:00) Creatine; brain bioenergetics and sleep (45:28) Dietary supplementation (53:00) Emerging supplements (1:08:32) Research gate (1:14:00)

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