Former British judo champion and BJJ Black Belt, Bobby Rich joins us today to talk about his exceptional Judo career and how an impromptu meeting led to him moving down his current career path. Now a sought after talent manager for the Insanity Group, Bobby has over 15 years experience within the film, sports, and entertainment industry working alongside the likes of David Beckham, Jason Statham, Guy Richie and many more.  

BOBBY RICH PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Upbringing and judo (1:45) British titles and Olympic aspirations (10:38) Guy Ritchie and the film industry (17:26) Haye and Chisora press conference (25:48) Talent manager and Insanity Group (33:10) Mindset and respecting the journey (44:34) Movement and jujitsu (58:02) Training David Beckham (1:09:47) Repetition (1:14:42)

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March 22, 2021