On the @liveonformpodcast we are joinedJamie Hunt, Former Professional Triathlete, Co-Founder of 2XU

Jamie is a former professional Triathlete who transitioned into the world of High-Performance sports apparel and co-founded the hugely successful @2xu before moving his attention to his new brand @pressio

Renowned as one of a handful of the most creative sports textile engineers globally Jamie took his 
wealth of knowledge to build Pressio. Pressio creates revolutionary yarn technologies and works with some of the world's leading fabric companies developing hi-tech performance orientated garments.

We talk about his journey, packing up and moving from his home and being on the road for 200 days a year for over a decade. Jamie not only talks about the incredible technology and science that surrounds true compression garments but what’s important to him in developing a sustainable and ethical brand for the high performer.
January 25, 2022