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At HMN24, we feature stories, podcasts, profiles and imagery of inspirational people, those we refer to as HMN Performers, people who we think are doing something great and of value to those around them.

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Jonny Pain

NSCA certified strength & conditioning specialist and a performance nutritionist . jonny has worked with and produced national champions and podium finishers in powerlifting, weightlifting, triathlon and many of the fighting disciplines.

Jonny has also worked closely with military operatives internationally with a keen interest and a great deal of experience in preparing candidates for specialist selection in military and law enforcement settings.

Competitively, jonathan now concentrates on setting endurance firsts and has taken part in some of the worlds toughest extreme ultra-endurance events as well as summiting ben nevis a record breaking 22 times in a row.

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Lindsay Bruce

No stranger to human performance, lindsay served 6 years as a member of the sas, regarded by many as the best special forces organisation in the world serving in multiple operational theatres such as northern ireland, kosovo, bosnia, afghanistan and iraq before retiring in 2005.

Proud father and human performance advocate we are super excited to have lindsay onboard as part of our team of hmn performers.

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Tommy Coyle

Human performance has been a driving force throughout tommy's life and career, from the moment he first picked up a pair of boxing gloves, he discovered the burning desire to win.

A proud father of 3, businessman, champion, inspiration, local hero, icon and leader, we are proud to have tommy on board as a hmn performer.

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