Product Philosophy

Optimising your everyday human performance so you can live on form

We are here to fuel human potential and allow you to Live on Form®.

Alongside great nutrition and consistent progressive exercise, functional nutrients that fuel the brain and the body have helped create the new performance narrative.

If you want to get the most out of your day, physical and mental performance need to be viewed as one and the same. One does not exist without the other.

Elite athletes peak for one event per day or per week, month, year. This requires elite planning around targeted supplementation and nutrition. Everyone else (the other 99.9% of us, including you) needs to be near their peak all day, which means we need to look at the entire 24 hours as “our event”.

Our mindset needs to be on holistic performance.

At HMN24® we don’t do energy peaks and troughs. We don’t do amped up pre workouts for before, or sugar for during, or massive doses of protein for after exercise, because you aren’t peaking for a one-off event. You aren’t a pro athlete. You’ve got other things to go after outside the hour you spend exercising. We want you to be at your best for the other 23 hours as well, so we fuel humans with functional nutrition in order to work with, not against their natural Circadian rhythm & to deliver holistic, day long performance.

We want you to be at your best in work, with family and during exercise.

Performance is round the clock and we want you to perform to your potential.

We believe in using the best and most effective functional ingredients to boost your 24 hour human optimisation. it’s that simple. Whether the ingredients are made in a lab or grown on, or in the earth, we choose not to be rigidly ideological. We choose the ingredients that deliver the best results for our community. We believe that is our purpose above all else.

All our products are suitable for vegans. We have used an artificial sweetener (sucralose) in our morning optimisation product, Rise™, because we want the product to taste amazing and the functional ingredient list within the product, if not sweetened, would taste pretty foul. We have also used it because we (and all the food standards bodies and a plethora of science) believe it to be very safe in small amounts. Rise™ is to be used once daily, which is a very small amount of sweetener to be consumed. The ingredients we use that are not plant based are all suitable for vegans. We do this, because we believe our products should be used by as many people as possible.

Our stance on packaging and sustainability at HMN24® and our duty to the planet and future generations is also simple. We will do our very best to use fully recyclable and even compostable material and do our very best to eliminate single use plastic from our range. Currently, 66% of the nutritional supplement product range (Adapt® and Flow®) are 100% recyclable and made with 100% butt-jointed cardboard. The product Rise™ is made with PET 12 MET foil and cannot be recycled and must be thrown out with household waste. Rise™ also contains a plastic measuring scoop to ascertain the exact levels of nutrients are delivered each serving, but this can also be gained from using a household teaspoon (3 rounded teaspoons gives the same 12.5g serving). It could very well be that we eliminate the scoop as familiarity around usage grows. We have used a foil pouch for Rise™ because the ingredients are hygroscopic and require a strong moisture barrier to protect the integrity of the ingredients. As we move through the period post-launch, we will be able to experiment with packaging that can assist with this, yet is 100% recyclable. It’s our goal to achieve this within 12 months. We have a plastic shaker that we hope you will use but keep for a long time.