Our Brand Belief


In recent years understanding surrounding the benefits of exercise, movement and nutrition has become clear and shown us that they traverse far more than just physical benefits and into the mental and emotional as well. Collectively we have recognised that the choices we make today have long-term implications for the health and well-being of ourselves and future generations. Equally, many of us have also recognised that the previous choices we’ve made have compromised our current physical, mental and emotional health.   

Because of this, we have seen and are seeing a huge shift in lifestyle adoption. One that is focused on 24-hour physiological optimisation and utilisation of the adaptive responses that lead us to personal growth, enhanced resilience, mood regulation, improved stress management abilities and overall performance enhancement.

The management of sleep, light, nutrition and our daily routines has become the benchmark. Alongside this, people subjecting themselves to more controlled and deliberate stress has also become part of the norm.

We are the first brand in the world to be led by the scientific field of chronobiology and the optimisation of circadian function. Committed to developing and providing education, products and services that promote and support this shift alongside real-world inspiration and insight via our community 

HMN24 was created with the sole intent to support these new benchmarks and this refined understanding of well-being.