Nick Littlehales is the world's leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach, working with top athletes and international teams such as Cristiano Ronaldo and British Cycling. Nick has spent two decades in the industry developing techniques that weaponises sleep as a pivotal competitive advantage and help high achievers and organisations all over the world improve not only their sleep but recovery, performance and mood. Outlined in Nick's book, Sleep, he discusses the 7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators that any individual can simply apply to their life for improved sleep. Join us as we learn Nick's fascinating journey as a former PGA professional golfer to founding his company Sport Sleep Coach and what it means to refine human recovery. In the episode, we talk about technology, blue light, sleep cycles and daylight saving.

NICK LITTLEHALES PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Lack of sleep (3:22) How the world works (6:06) Sleep education (15:00) Blue light (18:37) Recovery (25:00) Daylight savings (35:00) Technology (41:00) Dark gyms (52:00) Mindspace (1:01:00) Sleep cycles in elite sport (1:04:00)  

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May 20, 2021