We are joined on the Live On Form Podcast by the UK's #1 competitive eater Adam Moran AKA Beard Meats Food. Not the usual human performance endeavour we talk about on HMN24 but Adams pushes the human limit and at the same time manages to stay in shape and keep on top of his health marker. When he is not travelling the world competing in professional eating competitions, he’s making his famous YouTube videos eating monumental portions of food. At the age of 27 after a long period of dieting, he found his love for big eating and began a different sort of training - to eat more and to do it quicker. Now a fully-fledged professional eater Adam joins us on the Live On Form Podcast to talk about his journey into competitive eating, his passion for training and what his plans are for the future.

ADAM MORAN PODCAST SHOW NOTES: How it started (5:00) Prize money (11:00) Proper jobs (15:00) Good shape (21:00) Training methods (27:00) Biggest challenges (33:00) Calories and exercise (42:30) Healthy eating (46:00) Discipline and willpower (50:00) YouTube and future plans (1:10:00)  

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May 27, 2021