Carl Reader is a best-selling author and father of 5. We love him at HMN24 because, like the founders here, his route to business leadership has been unorthodox and across a broken road, full of setbacks and challenges. He has built a personal brand without being gimmicky or signalling virtue at every opportunity and he has written books on business whilst learning on the job and in his own time. We speak about starts in life, school, growing up quickly and how to navigate the toxic world of social media whilst using it to develop loyalty and credibility as a 40-something.

CARL READER PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Getting started in business (3:30) Ability to sell (10:00) Challenges in business (17:30) Social media (26:00) Motivation behind book writing (35:00) Life balance, productivity and mental health (43:00) Accountability and control (48:00) Family life and wellness (51:00) Tattoos and trainers (56:00)  

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May 31, 2021