Becoming a father at 25 can be a challenge and for some, without the mindset and support network necessary, it can break apart long-held goals and ambitions. For Josh, it was the catalyst to accelerate his vision of a life he wanted to create for his family and himself. Using beliefs often associated with the teachings of the stoics and a disciplined adherence to positive daily habits, Josh left his full-time job and began his business at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak and hasn't looked back since. Here he tells us his view on life, challenge, misfortune, responsibility and leadership.  



Box Jumps and Background (1:31) 360 approach to online coaching (7:05) Future-proofing training (12:43) Structure amongst chaos (19:45) Fatherhood and mental resilience (24:27) Parental influence and daughter’s illness (28:37) Future plans and helping people (38:58) Structure and daily habits (42:29) Screen time and multi-tasking (49:08) Growth mindset, egos and personal development (56:44)  


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