At HMN24 we celebrate entrepreneurialism, especially in its truest form. When young people put it all on the line, take a risk, learn as they go and from their mistakes, to hone their natural gut instinct into something that is both intuitive and insightful, we salute them for their endeavour and the lessons learnt from having true skin in the game. Against a market filled with bigger, more established oil tankers, Marcus and Jack have been able to use their natural skill set and feet on the ground hard graft, to build something that sets them apart. Many podcast anecdotes, books, or presentations are delivered by business veterans, long since having left the battleground of anxiety and stress that being in the day to day grind dishes out remorselessly. Jack and Marcus are still in it, still at the beginning, still learning and still gloriously untainted by corporate bullshit, smoke and mirrors and business jargon. Because of this, they are authorities on how to make a bootstrapped startup work in an age where funding has become as important as actually building a community.

MARCUS AND JACK PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Fish Oil (6:50) Naming Your Zooki (16:00) Taking Risks (20:00) Funding (25:00) QVC: getting some luck (32:00) Launch in the US (46:03) Business partners (56:00) Mindset and Movement (1:06:00) Stress and switching off (1:12:30) Mental health and wellness (1:22:00)  

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May 10, 2021