Greg Sellar worked in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years, presenting all over the world to more than half a million people on behalf of huge companies including Nike. After turning 40 and having spent 17 years in London, Greg returned to Sydney and decided enough was enough, he wanted more from life. His fixed mindset and measure of self-worth as net worth was paralysing his pursuit of better. So he turned his life upside down and started studying coaching, leadership and mentoring, focusing on positive psychology, neuroscience and NLP. We talk to Greg about his journey into coaching and his desire to help the Gen Xers, the generation stuck in the middle, old enough to be raising families, yet young enough to be caring for parents, the workhorses who keep society ticking.

GREG SELLAR PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Background and Group Fitness (3:22) The art of coaching (9:51) The Bell Curve (19:00) Self Worth = Net Worth (28:20) What defines success for you? (37:53) Gratitude journal and rituals (41:09) Corporate leadership and hierarchy (47:42) Feedback and reviews (59:22) Social media (1:06:18) Resilience training programme (1:12:44)  

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May 12, 2021