Ali Gordon is a blogger, influencer and content creator. Starting out as a fitness blogger he then started sharing expanding elements of his lifestyle and quite simply, the things he enjoyed. From that, his platform has grown significantly to feature a variety of interests from fashion to male grooming, interior design, travelling and everything in between. In this episode we uncover Ali's journey from a skilled electrician into building a hugely successful career in the online world, how he deals with negativity as well as how his daily routine helps combat stress and his tendency to overcommit.

ALI GORDON PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Background (1:27) How the platform has evolved (4:02) Fitness and vanity (8:13) Mindset and being in control (15:38) Life skills (17:17) Photography and creativity (30:14) The dark side of social media (41:00) Morning routine and structure (1:00:23) Training (1:11:50) Time management and education (1:15:00)  

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