Harry Bliss is the co-founder and CEO of Champion Health, a single workplace wellness platform. After losing a close friend as a young man, Harry embarked on a very personal journey, with fire in his belly, to help others and save lives. It's a single-minded mission, but one he is committed to taking all the way. He founded Champion Health only a few years ago, because whilst the corporate world was becoming increasingly aware of mental health challenges and service providers were growing, the health of the people was getting worse. Something was broken and Harry wanted to fix it. Champion Health is one personalised platform covering all areas of well-being, performance and life. A truly holistic service dedicated to helping workplace wellness. We at HMN24 are all over what Harry is trying to do so it was great to have him on the podcast.  

HARRY BLISS PODCAST SHOW NOTES: What is Champion Health and how it works (2:01) The why behind Champion Health (7:52) Wellbeing and performance (10:42) Suicide and mental health (20:42) Culture and trust (25:53) Resilience and sleep (30:43) Social media (34:58) Mindfulness, Movement and Nutrition (41:40) Female health and the menopause (46:48) Future plans (51:55)  

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