Dave Coldwell is one of boxing's many uplifting stories. Coming through a challenging childhood, through bullying and ultimately finding the noble art of boxing. But the story doesn't stop there. Dave was a good boxer and fell in love with the lifestyle and the kinship it brought, but it wasn't until he fell into coaching and mentorship that he truly discovered his purpose in life. A proud and dedicated father, Dave nurtures his boxing talent like he does his family and his demeanour and character, with both class and honour. Dave joins us on the Live On Form podcast to give us a glimpse into the mindset that has allowed him to become a successful coach, manager, mentor and TV boxing expert and how he structures his approach to health and performance.  

DAVE COLDWELL PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Coaching: how it started (4:25) Patience and discipline (6:03) Finding positives (11:16) Drive and never being satisfied (16:52) Sleep and nutrition (22:00) Training (24:30) Longevity and quality of life (27:43) Fatherhood (35:33) Work ethic and mindset (41:44) Future focuses (47:47)  

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April 26, 2021