Dr Rosi Sexton was the first British woman to compete in the UFC and a trailblazer long before that. Making her MMA debut in 2002, Rosi fought for Bodog, Elite XC, Bellator and Cage Warriors before making her way to the UFC.

However, being a fighter in the Octagon barely begins to tell Rosi’s story. A tremendously gifted scholar and musician, Rosi attended Trinity College, Cambridge where she attained a first class maths degree. She went on to gain a masters of science degree in mathematical logic and a PhD in theoretical computer science. Her musical talents enabled her to achieve grade 7 cello and grade 8 in piano and a restless desire to prove people wrong and do what was believed couldn’t be done, is a theme that threads through her life. Her father said of her “What consistently runs through Rosi’s life is winning: she has a need to win”.

Now not only an MMA icon, mathematical scholar, musician and a mother, but a successful Osteopath, treating fighters and members of the public, she was elected as a counsellor for the Green Party in 2019.

We are delighted that Rosi agreed to sit down and do a podcast with us here at HMN24. We hope you enjoy it.




Upbringing (2:29)

Something to prove (4:41)

MMA: how it started (7:49)

How MMA has evolved (12:21)

UFC (21:13)

Retirement (26:59)

Performance-enhancing drugs (32:40)

Osteopathy & helping people (40:38)

Politics & The Green Party (48:48)

Future plans (53:00)


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March 08, 2021