As a teenager, Merat Tafreshi suffered from an eating disorder brought about by the early childhood trauma of bullying. Finding the gym and eventually, by chance, powerlifting, gave him purpose and a reason to look after his well-being. Fuelled with a natural affinity for the extreme, Merat relentlessly moved through 5 world championship wins and world records, all the time struggling with mental demons. Now a successful PT, Merat is not free of his struggles but has built a toolbox of life habits that keep him accountable and moving forwards.  

MERAT TAFRESHI PODCAST SHOW NOTES:   Eating disorder (1:59) Powerlifting: how it started (6:21) World Championships and cutting weight (13:51) Equipped vs Raw (29:36) Genesis family and community (34:33) Training regime (39.13) Bullying, discrimination and upbringing (46.14) Mindset, drive and getting uncomfortable (56:08) Daily habits (1:07:55) Coaching and Ultimate Performance (1:13:58) Mental health, depression and addiction (1:24:11)  

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