Scott Brits is the embodiment of humility. Adorning an epic looking beard and an impressive physique that has become a canvas for his love of tattoos, Scott is one of those people who are most certainly, ‘not what you expected’. An ex-serving policeman who was brought up in less than ideal surroundings. Scott shows a very apparent and clear control over his direction in life, with an incredible mindset and enormous passion for helping people. Scott is the founder and director of Battle Cancer, an international fitness fundraising movement, not only that, after winning countless titles in powerlifting he decided to use fitness as a way to bring people together and to support mental health and wellness. We were lucky enough to catch up with Scott on the Live On Form Podcast and talk about his upbringing and what drives him to do what he does now.


  Background in the Police (1:20) Upbringing and exposure to crime (5:13) Moral decisions (14:00) Sport and influential people (18:28) Powerlifting (25:06) Career break and mental health (27:53) Battle Cancer: how it started (32:00) Battle Cancer: how it works (39:47) The Battle Cancer Programme (50:32) How to get involved (1:00:58)

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March 15, 2021