This week on the Live On Form Podcast we are joined by Coach Mike Chadwick. Mike is a veteran of the Parachute Regiment who specialises in Tactical Athlete Coaching and bespoke online coaching. Mike has spent his career managing, leading, optimising human performance and enhancing resilience for Tactical Athletes around the world. In the episode, we talk to Mike about his experience in the military and how he has been able to transfer and adapt those skills into his coaching, as well as uncovering Mike's high-performance routine and his plans for the future. Just like us at HMN24, Mike lives and breathes human optimisation and we are thrilled to have him on the podcast to share his journey thus far.

MIKE CHADWICK PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Parachute Regiment (4:19) Upbringing (9:15) Transferable skills (11:15) Deployed to Afghanistan (22:00) Maturation psychology (30:00) Adapting training techniques (38:00) Tactical Athlete (49:00) Coaching (52:00) Performance measurements (1:03:00) Future plans and high-performance routine (1:07:00)  

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