Menopause! There I've said it. The word that sent men born in the post-war era mumbling off to the pub or the shed, shaking their head. Well, times move on and understanding develops. The menopause is simply part of the natural ageing process and if managed well, simply a stage in life that leads to a new, even better, healthier and lengthy phase when the stages are completed. It is also complex to understand. There are 3 stages to menopause and they last a considerable amount of time, they are often undiagnosed and massively misunderstood by both men and women. Here we speak with Rebekah Brown, Founder of MPowder- a nutrition brand dedicated to leading women through the 3 stages of menopause with healthy, natural ingredients.

REBEKAH BROWN PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Menopause symptoms (5:30) Training for doctors (8:00) Diagnosis and treatment (11:30) Recovery (14:04) M Powder (15:00) Nootropics, adaptogens and clinical research (20:30) Support and statistics (26:00) Education and narrative (31:28) Movement and bone density (36:30) What’s next (45:00)

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June 18, 2021