Childbirth is amazing. It is a biological miracle and an amazing time in the life of both father and mother. However, it can also be a terrifying, anxious, lonely time, full of misinformation, tribalism and judgement. Social media has only made it harder to know what the "right thing to do'' is and has only made it easier to punish the wrong. It's one of the few things in life that no amount of preparation can steal you for. In this podcast with co-founder of the brand My-Expert Midwife, Lesley Gilchrist, we get a short look into the area of childbirth and the role that the father plays in the hours and days before, during and after. In the hours, days and weeks after becoming a father, even the most confident and assertive men can feel lost and helpless. The great thing about My Expert Midwife is that they are not only a brand but the experts too, being qualified midwives with long careers prior to founding this brand that truly is meeting a genuine community need. We only had 40 minutes with Lesley, but it was great to get an insight into the brand and her mission.

LESLEY GILCHRIST PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Bringing in the dads (3:46) Preparation post-baby (6:30) Instincts and learning (8:30) Education for the partner (11:00) Decisions during birth (15:00) Equal responsibility (18:00) Sleep cycle (22:00) Anxiety (27:26) Breastfeeding and recovery (32:00) Perceptions and paternity leave (40:00)

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June 07, 2021