Verbal comms strategist and TEDx speaker and curator Helen Packham joins us on the Live On Form Podcast to share her inspiring journey. After a number of personal challenges, Helen would be the first to admit she lost her way. She ran away from her career, was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and pretty much hid from the world. Switching her mindset, Helen committed herself to realise her potential and through healthy routines, exercise, consistency and a growth mindset, she achieved results she never thought possible. She launched a business, landed a TEDx talk, and went on to put on her own events and conferences. Using her own personal experience, Helen's business focuses on helping business owners, leaders, coaches and speakers harness their own potential, do brave things that scare them and reap the rewards in their life and business all using the power of their stories.

HELEN PACKHAM PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Taking ownership (4:21) Building confidence (9:00) The power of telling stories (14:50) Values and relationships (19:50) Anxiety (30:00) Public speaking (35:00) Showing up and being consistent (40:00) Meditation and creativity (43:00) Purpose (50:28) Future plans (56:00)

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June 18, 2021