Being a rebel from birth, marketing and creative maverick Dan Kelsall joins us on the #liveonform podcast to discuss the art of repetition and how you only have to succeed once. Having tried his arm at a number of ventures in his earlier years, Dan stumbled (as do many) on the opportunity to acquire a marketing agency he worked at and turned it and himself into one of the most disruptive and delightfully offensive sources of content on social media. Dan takes us through how MMA keeps him mentally sharp and provides the clarity needed to keep creating and winning against the big boys who never fail to underestimate him and his unique talents.  



Offended marketing and what it’s about (1:49) Pushing boundaries and pissing people off (5:18) Background and previous ventures (8:53) MMA and mental health (12:09) Resilience and keeping going (15:42) Parental influences and attitude shift (20:25) Fucking Good Content and why strategies don’t work (24:52) Social media and adapting to online (31:27) Next year is trouble year (35:16) Being underestimated (37:21)  

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