For anyone dealing with a chronic illness, even "regular" days can be tough. In todays #liveonformpodcast episode, we talk to the remarkable Mesha Moinirad on what life is like navigating and living with a bowel condition. Mesha, a high-performance coach, talks openly about his personal and professional journey, the mental framing of his condition and how his decision to have a stoma and ileostomy bag fitted, completely changed his life.  


  Mesha’s passion for helping people (2.52) A 20% chance of survival (6.43) How it transpired (11.54) Learning to walk again (19:50) Mindset shift and comfort zones (22:02) Second surgery and IBD Diagnosis (34.03) Total colectomy and stoma (46.18) Life with a bag and leaking mishaps (53.38) Blogging and opportunities through hardship (1:06:48) Psychology around medical conditions (1:20:36)  


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