Watching Jerry Macguire may have given Deji Akande the passion to work with athletes, but the journey towards doing so was longer than he imagined. Now, two years into running Gateway sports, with 9 talented young athletes, Deji explains how it is always harder than it seems, how his belief structure gives him clarity and allows him to stay present amidst the chaos that surrounds us all.  


  Background to Gateway Sports (2:06) Future planning and support after professional sport (11:05) Education and career journey to Gateway Sports (20:56) Self-belief and effective communication (35:12) Being present (39:55) Faith, movement and structure (45:05) Family and upbringing (51:24) The transition from the track to business (58:21) Discipline and structure (1:05:05) Accountability and loneliness (1:14:44)  

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