Next up on the Live On Form Podcast is CEO of Goalball UK, Mark Winder. For those of you unfamiliar with this unique sport, Goalball is a game played with blindfolds and a ball with bells inside it. It was originally created to rehabilitate soldiers after WWII and is the only sport designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired. Mark has spent his career working in schools, colleges, local authorities and professional sports clubs and is now helping to transform the lives of thousands of visually impaired people across the UK. In the podcast we talk to Mark all about the ins and outs of Goalball, playing with impaired vision, the Paralympic & Olympic Games, how people can get involved and his future plans MARK WINDER PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Academic education and a career in sports (12.00) Bradford Bulls foundation and education (18.00) Improving lives (25.48) Goalball (29.00) Audible ball for blind players (40.00) Playing with impaired vision (43.00) Paralympic & Olympic Games (50.35) Locations and young people involvement (57.33) Plans for the future (1.01.00) Connect with Mark: Linked In Twitter Instagram
August 03, 2021