We are thrilled this week to welcome Jay Morton on the Live On Form Podcast. Jay spent 14 decorated years in the military, 4 in the Parachute Regiment and 10 within the UK Special Forces. He has reached the summit of Everest not once but twice and was a part of the directing staff on Channel 4's SAS: Who Dares Wins. Jay's ambitious performance-driven mindset is truly inspiring and what we are all about here at HMN24. In the podcast we talk all about his impressive military career, how his upbringing led him to his career path, as well as Jay's book, his love for vehicles, how that led to his racing career and the daily strategies he uses to enable him to be on top of his game and truly Live On Form.

JAY MORTON PODCAST SHOW NOTES: The military (4:00) Base jumping experience (15:00) The SAS (21:40) The jungle (40:00) Reflection on military career (45:00) Driving courses and Praga cars (51:00) Motorbikes (1:03:00) Solider (1:08:00) Meditation (1:18:00) Sleep (1:29:00)

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July 27, 2021