Having overcome a challenging upbringing, Paul Cheetham-Karcz set out on adulthood as many young men do, without a serious direction, but knowing he wanted better. Having suffered from anxiety and pressures since his mid 20's, Paul utilised his life-long love of boxing and daily exercise with a commitment to wellness to fuel his performance-driven life through to building a multi-million-pound business empire and becoming the father to 4 children. He joins us on the #liveonformpodcast to take us through his journey and how he developed his mindset and resilience.



  Paul's background (1:44) The growing passion for boxing (2:22) What boxing brings to the table (5:38) Behaviours, disciplines and leadership styles (10:21) Behavioural obsession (10:24) Discipline, Family and Wayne Rooney (11:33) Leading by example (15:01) Performance Parenting (17:05) Glass ceilings and societal norms (20:05) Knight Industries and achievement ceilings (21:01) A job for life (22:00) Educating the accountant (22:43) Sedulo and what it does (25:10) The challenges of being a founder (28:45) Paul the author (30:45) The importance of money (32:40) Panic attacks, stress and anxiety (36:37) Rest and resilience (47:41) Creating a purpose (1:02:33) Chasing numbers (1:03:35) Overnight successes (1:09:13) Staying purposeful and the Sedulo foundation (1:11:09)  

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