UFC veteran Luke Barnatt is our latest guest on the Live On Form Podcast. Coming in at an impressive six foot six Luke, also known as Bigslow, is one of he tallest fighters in his weight category. Luke made his UFC debut against Collin Hart on 13 April 2013 at The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale, winning the fight by unanimous decision. In the podcast, we get the story of how Luke started with MMA, his journey in UFC, The Ultimate Fighter show and what his future plans are.

LUKE BARNATT PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Background and introduction to MMA (7:30) Progression and record (13:26) Reading (27:00) Computer games (30:40) The UFC (42:30) UFC Bonuses (59:51) Mindset shift (1:02:00) Cut from UFC and moving to Spain (1:08:00) Final professional fight (1:17:00) Being a competitor (1:20:00)

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July 06, 2021