Joining us on the Live On Form Podcast is HMN24 ambassador, Lindsay Bruce.

No stranger to human performance, Lindsay served 6 years as a member of the SAS, regarded by many as the best special forces organisation in the world serving in multiple operational theatres such as Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq before retiring in 2005.

Post service he worked as a Security Risk Specialist for CNN News in Iraq, embedding with US military on multiple occasions before working as personal bodyguard to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

In 2007 he set up Elite Performance in Hereford, specialising today in lifestyle and Mindset coaching for men over 30 as part of his Modern Warrior Project among which are many post and currently serving special forces operatives.

Lindsay was also a competitive bodybuilder from 2006-2014, competing in 20 national contests and winning multiple bodybuilding titles including Mr Wales Mr Scotland, Midlands Champion, 2 x Mr Hercules and finishing top 4 in UK twice.

Proud father and human performance advocate we dig deep into his time in the services and how he crafted the mindset that leads him today.
October 28, 2021