Dan Cullen-Shute is a marketing veteran with over 2 decades in the game, pioneering his Creature Advertising Agency through differing generational shifts and still retaining relevance and innovation, where others have stagnated, unable to change. His brand ethos of "intelligent misbehaviour" you feel, isn't confined to his business, his sense of humour and clearly well-honed intellect spill over with most areas he covers. You get the impression that two of the reasons Dan has been successful in business is firstly because he doesn't take himself as seriously as others in his world may do, and secondly because he takes his work very seriously. Helping him to continuously deliver creative ideas with natural humour. He speaks to us on the Live On Form podcast and tells us about the changing face of advertising at the heart of the coronavirus pandemic and how brands can adapt to cut through in a world of average.

DAN CULLEN-SHUTE PODCAST SHOW NOTES:   Intelligent Misbehaviour (1:40) The internet happened (3:27) Creativity: insecurity and arrogance (8:36) Culture: the glue that held us together (13:29) Background in advertising (17:55) How Creature started (27:45) Restlessness (30:21) Coping during the pandemic and brands response (35:46) Fatherhood and family (53:00) Movement, routine and writing (59:40)    

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May 04, 2021