What is your potential? Are you aware of your capabilities, or do you suppress them? It’s true enough that we are often too shy or too afraid of further exploration of ourselves and our potential. Fear is a powerful weapon and a saboteur that can suppress our human nature. Have you ever wanted to sing or dance in front of people, but then wondered if that was a good idea and whether they’d think you were making a fool out of yourself? Well, that’s a product of fear and the fact that it can suppress the will in us to investigate our abilities. People have learned to train each other with fear, and that fear becomes stronger with each bad experience of injustice. But in fact, there are no limits. Each of us can manifest our potential if we get rid of that unfounded fear.

Defining the Concept

Human potential is roughly defined as our ability to express our inner self and become the best version of ourselves. It’s very closely related to intelligence, learning, cognition, and training. Learning and cognition precisely because we all carry within us something we are good at without being aware of it. It’s also very important to mention that intelligence is closely related to the discovery of potential. There are different types of intelligence and their use in discovering potential. All of these types of intelligence can enhance and increase the potential we possess as individuals. Throughout life, we create ourselves and strive to reach our maximum. All this is possible only if we relax and allow everything we think we are good at to reach our surface to discover how far our potential goes. There are many layers in our human nature, but most of us haven’t discovered them yet. That’s one of the reasons why psychologists, philosophers, and sociologists debate this topic. People explore their potential their whole life.

What Does This Mean for You in Practical Terms?

A satisfied and fulfilled person has a chance of realizing their full potential. It means that we have already discovered our profession and that we are very successful, both emotionally and physically. All of this sounds like a fairy tale and is not so realistic today. It is never easy to find interest in what you do if you do it simply to survive. Often we only meet people who are exhausted and drained, because their jobs are boring and anything but creative. People need to discover their interests and focus on what they are good at to progress further towards their full potential. We need to turn to ourselves and reveal what we are potentially good at. Do we have a chance to try something new? That's great! Take every opportunity to try things you are not so familiar with and discover how far your potential goes. You will be surprised.

How Do You Develop Your Potential?

If you’re insecure and unsure of how far your potential goes and what you can do to improve it, stop thinking that way. Because if this is the case, you are well aware that you have it, but you still don’t know how to develop it. Are you wondering how to discover your full potential? Here are a few tips we picked up from various researches.

1. Discover yourself

Never try to change yourself because someone tells you that you’re not good enough. Be proud of what you have become so far. You only need to be self-aware. Explore your hobbies, travel, jump off the plane to see how scary that is, or maybe exciting? However, you will understand what drives you – it’s called self-knowledge.

2. Improve productivity

If you feel you are not productive enough, change your lifestyle a bit. If you are a person who likes going out and getting drunk with friends, then you need more rest and sleep. Let’s be honest, we all do some mindless stuff during the day, and if we want to be productive, it must be balanced. You can start to exercise, eat healthier, take advantage of the brain-boosting traits of nootropics, adaptogens and optimal hydration and see what positive impact it can have on your productivity.

3. Be a leader

Lead by example. Lean on yourself, and don’t let anyone shake your confidence. Get rid of the need to depend on anyone and be capable enough to function independently. That’s the quality of a good leader, and you can become one.

4. Control your thoughts and emotions

The thought of controlling something that is not physically tangible does not sound easy, does it? If you want to improve your emotional intelligence, think carefully about what triggers you. You need to capture yourself and see how and when you react emotionally to situations. Then think carefully about what upsets you and think it through before you react emotionally.

5. Be patient

When you realize who you are and what you want to accomplish, half the job is already done. However, there’s another aspect to achieving your goals, the harder one – it takes time to get there. Everything in life requires patience, so work hard on it.

How to Set Your Expectations

Everything that exists as a potential needs to be developed. So many people are too strict with themselves. They expect too many things and want to get them done as fast as they can, but you have to be realistic. Try to do something fast, and you will see that it’s not always productive. It’s better to lower your expectations and do things slowly – patience is an essential virtue. All the important things in life that you wait for patiently have greater satisfaction when they work. The bottom line is that it’s smarter to be aware of how high your expectations are and whether it’s realistic to fulfil them.


The satisfaction achieved by your work and the success that you experience through hard work create that perfect feeling that can make you happy. Remove all your imperfections by realizing yourself, and you will come to the purpose of your being. No advertisement with an anti-ageing and eternal youth product can replace the childish spirit that you possess within yourself. No job imposed by society and promises of incredible wealth can buy you that inner peace you desire.
May 19, 2021