Classic Water Bottle 32oz

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Effortless Lid Design: Easily open the lid while ensuring a leak-proof seal.

Sweat-Free Double-Wall: Our double-wall design keeps your bottle sweat-free.

Vacuum insulation: Keeps your drinks refreshingly ice-cold.

Taste Preservation: No more taste interference – our bottle ensures your contents stay fresh and delicious.

Secure Grip: Our bottle is powder-coated for a sure grip, even when your hands are sweaty.

Care Instructions:

Pre-Use Wash: Remember to wash your bottle before using it.

Easy Lid Maintenance: The lid is dishwasher-safe on the top rack for your convenience. However, please hand wash the body to preserve the finish. Avoid filling with hot water.

Deep Cleaning: For a thorough clean, remove the interior silicone ring and soak it in a 2:1 solution of water and vinegar, or simply use dish soap. Please refrain from using harsh chemicals like bleach or chlorine.

Reassembly: To reassemble, press the ring back into the lid's open cavity, ensuring it's evenly pressed before screwing the lid back on for a secure, leak-proof fit.


Dimensions: 26.4cm x 9.5cm (10.4" x 3.8")

Volume: 32oz (946ml)


For those of you who see movement and perspiration as part of their daily routine, optimal hydration is a very real thing. For those of you who value physical and cognitive performance even more so.

Cognitively, we know that dehydration of 2% or more body mass loss can increase the perception of fatigue, it can also induce impairment in cognitive functions such as memory and attention, and negatively impact our mood.

Even below 2% body mass loss fatigue appears, mood is altered, and several cognitive functions appear to become mildly impaired.

Physical Performance can be impacted due to a:

• Reduction in blood volume
• Decreased skin blood flow
• Decreased sweat rate
• Decreased heat dissipation
• Increased core temperature
• Increased rate of muscle glycogen use]

It’s also worth noting that prolonged vasoconstriction, as a result of chronic dehydration, can increase the chances of hypertension (high blood pressure) and stroke.

If our intent is to physically and cognitively perform at our best we need to not only hydrate but ensure that we consume enough electrolytes, the minerals that are essential for balancing that fluid across our bodies.

When you wake up, you want to be alert and a great start to the day is important

Jason Rickaby - Co Founder HMN24




Phil has been a prominent figure in the health and fitness industry for over quarter of a century.

One of the most sought after strength and conditioning coaches in the UK he built a hugely successful coaching business before moving into the field of education. In 2015 he founded the Advanced Coaching Academy, a platform built with the primary intention of improving the global standards delivered in the health and fitness industry.

Offering year long courses in Business, Nutrition and Advanced Coaching the Academy has serviced over 6000 students worldwide and in turn the clients of those students.

Phil continues to present on a national level and is still as passionate about nutrition, movement and performance as he ever was.



Jason Rickaby has worked in the sports nutrition industry since he was 21 years old. Having worked in product formulation and marketing for 7 years previously, he co-founded PhD Nutrition as a 28 year old and developed the formulas for the entire launch range and continued to work with the product development team as the brand grew exponentially.

Fascinated with nutritional supplementation since being an 18 year old, Jason has written 2 books within the area and contributed to numerous top UK fitness magazines up to the early 2000’s. His obsession with the physical and mental benefits of nutritional supplementation came after being an early adopter of Creatine Monohydrate as an 18 year- old gym fanatic in 1994 and using early versions of nootropics to help him pull all-nighters to finish his college and university projects.

Having spent almost 25 years working in the area, Jason’s love for great nutrition, intense movement and nutritional supplementation has been the driving force in his adult life and is a lifestyle he lives and breathes.