What is the Live On Form Pack?

Live On Form. It’s a term we use a lot here at HMN24. It’s our brand belief. To Live On Form means to perform holistically at your best throughout the entire day, in work, exercise and with your family or your peers. It is a lifestyle based around human optimisation. Being the best you can be in each important area of your life. To live a lifestyle fuelled by exercise, nourished by great nutrition and optimised by expert supplementation. We created the Live On Form Pack, consisting of three products designed to optimise daily performance, RISE™, FLOW® and ADAPT®. Each product has been meticulously crafted using functional ingredients to fuel your brain and body to allow you to get the most out of your day whilst feeling on top of your game. Our products work synergistically with, not against, your body’s natural circadian rhythm to deliver day long holistic performance to enable you to perform to your full potential without energy peaks and troughs.  

What is RISE™ and when should I take it?

RISE™ is a great-tasting morning optimisation drink formulated to improve mental performance, alertness and concentration enabling you to Win The Morning. Available in three amazing flavours, Blueberry Lemonade, Purple Berries and Dark Cherry. Use RISE™ upon waking before or as a replacement to your morning coffee by mixing 1 scoop into 400ml of ice-cold water. RISE™cannot be compared to energy drinks and coffee, It is in a class of its own. Think of it as coffee, nootropics, electrolyte hydration and cognitive enhancement all-in-one. RISE™ is formulated with efficacious doses of key functional ingredients including nootropics, amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes and caffeine so you begin your morning hydrated, optimised and mentally prepared for your high-performance day ahead.  

What is FLOW® and when should I take it?

FLOW® is a capsule-based, caffeine-free, nootropic and adaptogen based formula designed for those seeking optimal cognitive function and stimulant-free mental performance. It is designed perfectly for the late morning or mid-afternoon energy slump. Use it away from food, so either an hour before or after lunch works best. The majority of us have likely experienced a feeling of fatigue and sluggishness in the afternoon that causes our motivation and concentration to plummet. There are multiple potential causes for this; lack of sleep, poor nutrition, high stress, dehydration, stimulant effects easing. Reaching for caffeine is a natural response to this feeling. FLOW® is designed to replace your late morning or afternoon caffeine hit, which will likely negatively impact your body’s natural circadian rhythm and damage your ability to embark on a rested evening and sound sleep. FLOW® can also be used upon waking for those wishing to eliminate caffeine entirely from their day. Take three capsules of FLOW® when you experience a slump in energy and focus and you need to Find Your Flow.  

What is ADAPT® and when should I take it?

ADAPT® is a complete pre-bedtime, wellbeing complex designed to help build mental and physical resilience and provide adrenal support against the fatigue and stressors that come as a result of leading a performance-driven lifestyle. Along with helping to support relaxation and inflammation, ADAPT® helps to maintain a healthy immune system, healthy joints and allow normal functioning of the nervous system. Our bodies experience stress on a daily basis and it is vital to build resilience against inflammation through mental and physical wellness in order to perform at our best. ADAPT® helps us re-balance, sleep well and re-set so we can prepare once more to Win The Morning. Take four capsules of ADAPT® in the evening, either with your final meal of the day or your pre-bed protein snack or drink.  

Should I take each product every day?

The Live On Form pack should last you around 4 weeks depending on how often you use the products. All of our Live On Form pack products are best used on days when mental and physical workload are at their highest thus do not necessarily need to be used every day. For the majority of people, we anticipate using the products between 5-6 times a week with 1-2 days off. We all need balance in our life and nutritional support is no different.

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June 04, 2021
Tags: Adapt Flow Rise