So simple to make but a real crowd-pleaser for those Summer BBQs.  

Serves 5



  1 tsp garlic, minced 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes 1 tbsp lime juice 1 tbsp coriander, chopped Salt & cracked pepper 10 large raw prawns 10 slices spicy chorizo 10 skewers    


  In a medium-sized bowl, add garlic, red pepper flakes, lime juice, coriander, salt & cracked pepper.   Add the peeled and washed prawns to the bowl, cover and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.   Grab 10 skewers and slide just the tail on. Next, slide a piece of chorizo on, followed by the top of the prawn. (The chorizo should be in the middle of the prawn).   Bring the bbq to high heat, lightly oil the cooking plate and cook each skewer for 3 minutes on each side. Serve immediately.      

Nutritional Information

  Calories 613 k/cal Protein 36g Carbs 79g Fats 17g Fibre 5g  
June 04, 2021