Looking for something a little lighter to start your day? Try this delicious and refreshing smoothie bowl loaded with antioxidants.  

Makes 1



  120ml water 1/2 tbsp acai powder 5 pitted cherries 50g frozen mixed berries 1 frozen banana (peeled) 5-10 ice cubes 1 tbsp shaved coconut 1 tbsp dried goji berries    


  Add all ingredients to your blender or Vitamix and blitz until smooth. You may need to give your blender a shake halfway through. The consistency is supposed to be thick, but if it's too thick, add a little more water.   Transfer to 2 serving bowls and top with shaved coconut and goji berries.          

Nutritional Information

  Calories 252 k/cal Protein 3g Carbs 51g Fats 4g Fibre 7g  
April 19, 2021